Are you walking in your light?

Too often, patients get caught up in the trials faced with fighting illnesses. It’s easy to have those moments when you are fighting for your life. But it is important to not let life pass you by.

When I ask are you walking in your light, I mean are you stopping to enjoy the roses? Are you smiling on the days when you feel no pain? Are you embracing the moments when you are down? Are you appreciating the times when you can get up freely and move around? Are you figuring out new ways to live with your illness?

It’s so important to walk in your light.


Thank you Jade - what a great reminder. Just recently, I realized how much that particular day I was enjoying my walk - the sun was shining, and the lake looked particularly beautiful. It was interesting to me on that particular day that somedays I don’t notice the lake - my concentration is taken up with the effort of walking. As they say - take the time to smell the roses – and look up and enjoy the beauty around us.

Hi Cheryl! This is awesome… It is such a beautiful feeling when you truly take a moment to appreciate all things no matter how big or small.

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I had trouble with this for a while now, but lately I been becoming more myself again, I look up at the sky more and touch leaves i walk by these days and just enjoy the air! its good to being out the kid in us again and try to find every second of happiest that we can.